Pocono Mountains Music Festival

Pocono Mountains Music Festival

Pocono Mountains Music Festival



Summer Camp Participants

“The two weeks we had Camp were the best two weeks of my summer. I’m so thankful for all of the great workshops I got to be a part of, and all of the wonderful and inspirational people I met. This camp definitely has improved me as a person and a performer and I can’t wait for next summer!!!” -Hailey Labar

“I feel that from being a part of this program for the past two summers, this year’s program has been more of a learning experience and effective to me.” -Sam Bozic

“As a camp this probably was the best one I have ever been to. And it was definitely the highlight of my summer so far. It even beat vacation!! I have made more friends at this camp than I have in public school and that’s pretty crazy! It was such a great experience and it will definitely have an impact on my musical future.” -Natalie Hornkohl


Have a memory to share of your camp experience? Email info@poconofest.org.