Pocono Mountains Music Festival

Pocono Mountains Music Festival

Pocono Mountains Music Festival


Donors & Sponsors

Thank You to Our Generous Donors and Sponsors!

The Pocono Mountains Music Festival is proud to be presenting its 9th Season, but we could not have done it without you! You are the foundation that makes this festival a reality. Become a donor today and enjoy exclusive benefits!


$10,000 and More

Martin Watkins and David S. Mazza MD
David and Marina Ottaway
Marianne Zychal and Charles Hood

$5,000 and More

Rosemarie and John Cleaver
Lisa and David McCullagh
Marlene and George Milner
Marina Ottaway, Ph.D
Debby and Darbin Skeans
Lucy Stone
ESSA Bank & Trust Foundation
Monroe County Commissioners

$2,500 and More

Barbara and Andy Andres
Pennsylvania Council on the Arts
PPL Foundation

$1,000 and More

Nancy and Tony Bowe
Richard and Elizabeth Carey
Johnson and Johnson Matching Grant
Dave and Ginger Toomey

Any Donation

Keith and Maryjane Baer
In Honor of Rosemarie Helmbrecht
Bruce Bonner and Andrew Leschak

*As of April 2, 2018


*As of April 2, 2018. Look back at our 2017 Donors and Sponsors!

Did You Know?

Ticket sales cover less than 1/3 of the cost of each performance.
In order to continue developing programs and bring you the highest quality performances, we need the help of generous donors like you!